Nicole Jimenez

"Take action to see reward. Do nothing and be ignored."

The first time I saw SWAT was on the news, where they described what they did and what further actions they were hoping to take. I decided right then and there to join SWAT. Every volunteer job was a step closer to the goal. All the educational advice I had received and was given was an eye opener. I shared this information with friends and family who are in the process of reaching their own success. I've met a lot of great people through the short five years that I've been involved. I'm 17 and chapter president for Seminole County, Region 3. This is my first year in YAB, but hopefully not my last, for I feel that I have much to gain and much to offer. I hope people never stop taking action to obtain their individual goals, and help us reach our overall goal. 

Region: 3