Sebastian Suarez

I serve as the president of my school SWAT chapter, where I lead and aid my fellow members to reach their fullest potential and succeed in all their projects. In addition to being the president of my chapter, I am also an active participant in all chapter activities, which include events, projects, expositions, showcases, and movements. My favorite tobacco control observance is the Great American Smokeout, as it is an observance that recognizes not only people who realize the dangers of tobacco, but also the smokers themselves who attempt to quit. This observance encourages smokers to quit, even if only for a day, in order to highlight the health benefits of cessation. It also allows for smokers and non-smokers to work together for a cause that benefits everyone, as it reduces both firsthand and secondhand smoke. I encourage my fellow members to work to their maximum potential and inspire teamwork. Not only have I served in the Youth Advocacy Board (YAB), I have also served in Region 4’s Leadership Council, and am also currently the president of the St. Lucie County SWAT chapter. Serving on the YAB provides me with the opportunity to make a difference for not only my region, but for all of SWAT and the people in the state of Florida.

Region: 4