Henry Bae

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it." -Alan Kay

Starting SWAT only a year and a half ago, my experience with the organization has been relatively new. However, the objectives and values of SWAT closely match the journey of my life. As an explorer in science and believer in God, I continuously spend time expanding my knowledge of the world and serving the community, specifically by influencing people to make logical and informed decisions about themselves and the world. The recent vaping epidemic in schools across the United States with severe health consequences in my community, along with the realization of the deep-rooted systematic problem of tobacco products initiated my effort to spread awareness and educate my peers about the dangers of tobacco products and industries. SWAT stood as an amazing platform for my friends and I to speak to community leaders and legislators, and as a member of the YAB, I can reach out to more people than I have ever imagined before. Outside of SWAT, I enjoy coding in R and playing hours upon hours of tennis with my friends.

Region: 3