Sachit Gali

"If I have seen further, it is by standing upon the shoulders of giants." – Sir Isaac Newton.

I am involved in SWAT because I see it as a way to help future generations. I have seen and learned about how tobacco can negatively affect our health, economy, environment, and more. I am passionate about making sure that our generation is the one that ends smoking, and that future generations won’t have to go through the damage that past generations had to go through. I have been a member of SWAT for 5 years, from 7th grade to now. My favorite SWAT memory is when I had the chance to speak with state lawmakers about tobacco prevention. Not only was it very exciting for me, but it showed me how far SWAT can take me. It was also a great bonding experience for me and all the other SWAT members who spoke with me. Outside of school and SWAT, I love to code and practice martial arts. I am also involved in my school as a class officer and belong to the Model United Nations team.

Region: 3