Tyra Langley

"If you want to walk the heavenly streets of gold, you gotta know the password, Roll Tide Roll!" — Bear Bryant

I am 100% against tobacco. My brother was in SWAT and I wanted to follow his lead. I feel passionate about the fight against Big Tobacco. I want to have the chance to let everyone know about tobacco and its harmful effects – especially my friends who are like family. I have been a member of SWAT for three years, since 6th grade. Every year during the homecoming parade the high school SWAT Club makes posters and floats with tobacco-related messages. They always invite the middle school SWAT to join them, and we get to ride on the float. In 5th grade, SWAT members came to my school and they had a truth poster contest. I got first place. I love being involved with SWAT at school events such as volleyball, basketball, and football games. I have had amazing experiences attending the last three SWAT retreats. Getting to know other SWAT members from around our region is so much fun!

Region: 1