No Menthol Sunday

No Menthol Sunday, a national observance day led by NAATPN, Inc. is an important opportunity to engage your community in a discussion abo...


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SWAT in Action: We Need You!

Download this video to learn what SWAT does and how SWAT members across the state are uniting to mobilize their communities against tobacco and creating a tobacco free Florida.

SWAT Chapter Manual

So you’re ready to fight, now let’s hit the streets and get it done right.

SWAT Activity Calendar

SWAT makes it easy to fight Big Tobacco. Check out our month-by-month Activity Calendar for new ideas each month that your club can conduct on site or out in the community.

SWAT Bylaws

Know the rules so you can keep everything on track.

YAB Bylaws

It’s important to know the rules when you’re representing SWAT.

Advocacy Questionnaire

You can use your skills to make a greater difference. What are your interests?

SWAT 101 Training Tools

Jam-packed with everything you need to know to get things rolling in your community.

YAB Application Form

Get your application and join other SWAT members in advocating against Big Tobacco.

Observance Documents

Not A Lab Rat

SWAT's campaign to stand up against Big Tobacco's old tricks now with E-Cigarettes. Florida's Youth are ready to declare we are "Not A Lab Rat."

World No Tobacco Day/No Menthol Sunday

Big Tobacco fools you by using minty flavors to trick your taste buds. Take a stand to help ban menthol products once and for all.

Kick Butts Day

Learn everything about Kick Butts day, a national day of activism to take action against Big Tobacco.

Through with Chew Week

Smokeless does not mean harmless. Educate yourself and others on the risks.

Not A Replacement

SWAT's campaign to stand up against Big Tobacco and declare that Florida's youth are Not a Replacement.


SWAT Registration Form

Stand Up. Speak Out. Join the fight against Big Tobacco now.

SWAT Recruitment Flyer

Reach out to your friends and get them to join the movement.

SWAT Recruitment Poster

Get out there and help SWAT recruit new members to join the fight.

SWAT Recruitment eCard

Rally your friends to join the movement by reaching them instantly.

SWAT Recruitment Brochure

Get out and help SWAT recruit more advocates in the community. We cannot fight Big Tobacco alone.


SNAP-CHAT-ACT. Capture how Big Tobacco is affecting your community through imagery. Be creative, recruit, educate and empower!

Mobilize Yourself

Get Smart

Ever wonder what happens to your body when you smoke? Get all the facts here.

Just the Facts

The more you know, the better you’ll be able to fight back.


Show that you’re part of the movement by getting decked out in SWAT swag.


Collateral resources

Facts and Resources Websites

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Federal agency dedicated to the prevention, reduction of tobacco-related deaths and exposure to secondhand smoke.

Action on Smoking & Health

An organization committed to advocacy, education and legal initiatives in the fight against tobacco.

American Legacy Foundation

A foundation created to help prevent smoking in all age groups and assist smokers who want to quit.

US Food and Drug Administration

A government agency that provides information on all tobacco regulations, distributions, and youth prevention.

Facts and Resources Websites

Essential Action

Provides information that is usually overlooked by the public, especially issues with tobacco usage and distribution abroad.


An international online tobacco control community that challenges the problem of smoking on a global level.

Tobacco Technical Assistance Consortium

Helping tobacco control programs promote CDC-related programs at the national, state, regional and local level.

Tobacco Free Florida

Florida’s tobacco cessation and control site, packed with plenty of tools, resources and materials from quit tips and current issues.

Youth Anti-Tobacco Sites

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids

Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids advocated for public policies to prevent kids from using tobacco.


The facts, stats, and most importantly the truth about tobacco and the industry’s lies.

Counter Tobacco

Learn how Big Tobacco markets their products and how you can get them to stop.

Smoke-Free Movies

Tools and resources to monitor movies for smoking as well as advocacy ideas to educate community members.


Florida's tobacco prevention site, exposing the facts about tobacco and Big Tobacco's lies to give you the facts now.

The Real Cost

The FDA's tobacco prevention site provides facts about tobacco, the costs of smoking, and quitting tools.